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How will the new Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill affect you?

How will the new Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill affect you?

As you might have heard, the government recently passed the Residential Tenancies Amendment (RTA) Bill 2020.  The bill introduces almost 100 amendments or new sections to the Residential Tenancies Act 1986, with the aim of making tenancy laws suitable for the modern...

5 questions to consider when choosing a property manager

5 questions to consider when choosing a property manager

While many investors will spend a lot of time researching real estate markets and investigating prospective properties, many overlook a crucial ingredient that can have a direct impact on their investment’s ROI: their property manager. A property manager is...

NZ RTA Reform – Will it affect you?

NZ RTA Reform – Will it affect you?

Radical Change is Coming Thick and Fast Around Tenancy Reform It's important that all parties have their say.  The RTA (Residential Tenancies Act) is going to change, do you know how it will affect you?  Are you worried about what you have heard? Aims of The Reform To...

Our Property Management Guarantee

We’re so confident in the systems and procedures we have in place that we guarantee our property management services. If our services disappoint, simply tell us.

If the problem cannot be resolved, or you’re unhappy with our services, we will refund your last three month’s rental management fee.

On-The-Ball Property Management Services

Help! I need someone to manage my property for me. We understand this is a big ask and a scary one. But we’re owners of investment properties ourselves. We understand the things you worry about.

As a team, we are constantly upskilling, training and networking with other property managers and legal experts to stay on top of the changes in the property sector, and to provide you with the best service possible.

We’re always keen to pick up the phone to discuss your property and will swiftly email with details of any work that needs to be done so you don’t get any surprises.

If you have any questions regarding your rental property, please email us or call our property management team today on 09 473 5891. We’re here to help.

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