You’d be surprised at how often we find dishwasher filters that haven’t been cleaned regularly. Watch our quick top tip for how to clean your dishwasher filter – and the spray arm. This is often why the dishes come out looking less than clean sometimes.

Every dishwasher has a filter at the bottom on it, you can unclip or screw this and clean it when you’re doing the dishes, we recommend doing it every week when you’re doing the dishes.

When a filter gets filled up with yuck from the dishes, it becomes so much less effective, this then causes build-up on the dishes when it’s in use. This then usually results in tenants calling the office saying the dishwasher has a fault which can be traced back to the filter not being clean.

As property managers we do our best to check these things when we’re doing inspections, it may seem a little invasive for tenants but we’re just trying to help. We do find people aren’t aware there is a filter that needs cleaning at all.

Property, and particularly investment property, requires care and attention, as property managers on Auckland’s North Shore and Hibiscus Coast the team at Vertigro work to ensure property, owners and tenants are cared for. We do this with the selection of great tenants, communication, information to all parties.

Cleaning Dishwasher Filters

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