The clock has ticked, and 1 July 2021 has come and gone. From here on in all new Tenancy Agreements and any renewed Tenancies the rental properties are required to be compliant in all five areas of the Healthy Homes standards.

The Tenancy Agreement needs to show all the details – do you have them on file? Do you know what level of insulation? Do you know how strong the extractor fans are or rangehood? Are they working effectively? Is your ceiling insulation up to code as this has changed since the last round of checks? Do you have a ground vapour barrier? Do you need one? What do you have for heating? Do you know the kW output? Is the existing heat pump the right size?

Is your property ready? We are recommending to all our owners to get their property up to standard even if we don’t have a new tenancy, this way it keeps great tenants in the property knowing they are living in a property that meets the standards, saves downtime between tenants and gives you, as a landlord, confidence that your property is up to date.

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