Choosing independent property management is a great first step towards protecting your valuable rental assets. After all, accessing excellent service that is guaranteed to be reliable should be a priority when you are looking for a team to take care of your tenants — and your rental property income stream.

For those landlords looking at Hibiscus Coast property management firms, there are a few key points to consider in your search for independent property management that will ensure your experience as a landlord is stress-free and fruitful.

Read on to discover how choosing local independent property management Silverdale, or an Orewa property management business run by people who know the neighbourhood, can work in your favour and help you build a strong landlord/property management partnership.

Why Choose Independent Property Management?

The first thing to consider when you set out to find the ideal property management firm is proximity. When you search for independent property management, you are more likely to get the landlord/property management relationship you are looking for by selecting a team that lives and works in the area.

To properly care for your rental property, you should look for a Hibiscus Coast independent property management firm with longstanding connections on the coast. This way, you can be certain that your independent property management team will be able to access the best care for your property and understand which renters in the area will be the best fit for you.

Strong Local Relationships

It stands to reason that a Hibiscus Coast property management team building strong relationships with tradespeople in the area over a long period of time is a team you can trust to nurture your landlord/property management relationship.

Being able to access high-quality maintenance and repairs for your property in a timely fashion is vital to the value of your rental asset. This will also work in your favour when it comes to keeping decent tenants in place.

Transparency & Trust

To forge a strong landlord/property manager relationship, you need to begin with a foundation of trust and transparency. This is where going local with your independent property management will reap big rewards.

property manager you can trust will provide you with a transparent fee schedule upfront that will allow you to budget correctly for the care and maintenance of your property. Reasonable rates, regular inspections and proper background checks for prospective tenants should all be included in the service provided by your Hibiscus Coast property management team.

You should also look for an independent property management team that has gone the extra mile and pursued NZ Residential Property Management qualifications for an extra level of trust.

It is perfectly legal to operate as an independent property manager without qualifications. However, (for peace of mind) we recommend you use an Orewa property management business that cares enough about its landlords to ensure they are up to date with changes in tenancy law when they occur.

Excellent Tenant Relationships Save Money

A strong landlord/property management relationship is one side of the coin. To run your rental income stream efficiently, you’ll also need an independent property management crew that is capable of finding the ideal tenants for your property.

Once you have the right people in your rental property, keeping them is crucial. Shifting tenants in and out frequently becomes costly in fees and inspections, and keeping a good relationship with other homeowners in the area is also a factor.

Contributing to the neighbourhood by ensuring that your property management Silverdale firm can identify and house a solid tenant may help your property value remain steady. Therefore, your investment will retain its value.

Stress-Free Independent Property Management

At Vertigro, we make it our business to care for your business. We understand the importance of transparency and trust in building strong relationships with our landlords and their tenants.

It’s important to our independent property management team to always be looking for ways to extend our knowledge of the industry. And our people are qualified beyond what is legally necessary to provide the best service in an ever-changing regulatory landscape.

The Vertigro independent property management team has excellent connections on the coast, and we have built strong relationships with the best tradespeople in the area.

We believe that strong relationships start with good communication, so you will always catch us when you call, either in person or with a swift call back.
Contact us today to enquire about independent property management you can rely on.