Caring For People And Property

Don’t run the risk of you or your valuable property being treated like a number.

Residential Property Management With The Personal Approach

When you sign your home up with a property management company that also sells real estate, you could easily get lost in someone’s unmanageably large portfolio of rental homes. You may end up dealing with three or four property managers in one year as staff move on.

Need something fixed? Surely you want to speak to the same person about your property and not half a dozen people in different departments. Work with us and you won’t be dealing with someone for letting, another person for repairs, another bod for arrears, another voice on the end of the phone for inspections and yet another one for outgoing tenancies.

We are an owner-operated, independent company based in Red Beach. Property management and finding happy, responsible tenants is all we do.

We only rent and manage residential property.

The right management company can make your life as a property owner or renter easy: the wrong one, a nightmare. Properly managing a rental takes time. Time to find the best tenants, carry out comprehensive inspections, check rental payments, follow up with tradespeople, and ensure the property meets all legislation to protect both the owners and tenants. Our business is exclusively residential rentals. Our property managers have the time to focus on you and your property.


Your investment is our number one priority.

At Vertigro our property managers are good at their jobs and they do what they’re meant to do: they take the day-to-day hassle and stress out of being a landlord. They also make renting easier for tenants by being on call to get problems fixed and make sure routine maintenance and inspections get done. The result: happy tenants who feel safe, valued and looked after so stay longer, and happy owners who get regular rental income from a property that’s well taken care of.

Independent Property Management

North Shore | Silverdale | Gulf Harbour | Orewa

You’re in good hands. Our team has been looking after residential property from Takapuna to Long Bay on the North Shore through to Hatfields Beach on the Hibiscus Coast for over 18 years. We are very familiar with the local market and what tenants in the area are looking for.

As owners of investment properties ourselves, we understand the things you worry about.

It’s your investment and it’s our business and our reputation. We’re proud of our good name and we’ll go to extraordinary lengths to make sure you’re happy. Work with our property management expertise and live a richer life.

We Know How To Look After Rental Properties

Years of successful business in all aspects of property management means we’re pragmatic, expert and stable.

Want to know more?  Ask around.

We work with happy tenants who stay longer, happy owners who get regular rental income, and well-maintained happy houses. Call us today on 09 473 5891 and let’s talk about how we can help you live a richer life with one less stress.

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Talk to us. Call 09 473 5891.

Megan Lamont

We Know How To Look After Rental Properties

You’ll be in good hands. Our team has been looking after residential property from Takapuna on the North Shore through to Hatfields Beach on the Hibiscus Coast for over 18 years. If you want to discuss renting your property, get in touch.

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