Megan Lamont


Megan is known for her long history in the industry, which gives her perspective to help the team and our clients through new changes and challenges.

As an investor herself and a real people person, Megan wants to provide a safe pair of hands for owners of rental properties so they can trust that their home is well cared for, without any of the extra hassle of doing it themselves. She loves to support tenants into their new homes and build strong relationships within the community.

Outside of work, Megan will be found enjoying time with her family, walking on the beach, or taking time out at the gym. She’s active by nature but also loves curling up on the couch with a good book or an addictive TV drama.

Monique Verkade

Property Manager

Monique has years of experience under her belt. She loves creating robust procedures and checklists. She finds it most rewarding solving problems and creating great relationships between our tenants, owners and our team. She loves to chat and make everyone feel welcome in the Vertigro office. Away from the office, Monique loves spending time with her friends, walking on the beach and playing board games. Monique has her Level 4 qualification in Property Management.

Grace Alejo

Property Manager

Grace has a customer service background, she has an eye for detail and ability to juggle a variety of tasks at any one time. Her customer service focus is of great value to our clients. She is born and bred in Auckland and after a few years away she’s enjoying being back on her home turf. Grace is working towards her NZ Certificate in Residential Property Management.

Josh Sanford

Business Development Manager

With a strong connection to the North Shore, Hibiscus Coast, and Rodney area, Josh brings extensive local knowledge and organizational leadership to his role. As a landlord himself, Josh's first hand experience & leadership strengths will help Vertigro continue to punch forward in delivering a first-class experience, tailored to clients needs. Josh is always up for a good chat – whether new clients, friends or co-workers. As long as there is good coffee! He is an avid Warriors supporter and enjoys any moment he can get out on the golf course.

Who we are

Professional, personal property management

Discover the difference with Vertigro Residential Property Management on the Hibiscus Coast and North Shore.

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Your life as a landlord can be made easier with the right property managers

We are an owner-operated independent property management company based in Red Beach. Our core mission is to make life easier for rental property owners, and to find happy, responsible tenants for their homes.

Effective management of a rental takes care, experience, and understanding of the processes involved to find the best tenants, carry out comprehensive inspections, check rental payments, follow up with tradespeople, and ensure the property meets all legislation to protect both the tenant and the owner.

Some of our tenants have been in place for over 10 years, and our clients have been with us for over 20

Our end goal is happy owners who enjoy regular rental income without any of the stress or hassle, and happy tenants who feel safe, valued, and looked after so they want to stay longer. The outcome of these goals is happy homes that are well maintained and cherished by owners and tenants alike.

Get back to living life your way; entrust your property to the professionals

Vertigro founder and director Megan Lamont is driven by a passion for taking care for both people and properties. Since founding Vertigro, Megan has steadily grown a boutique portfolio and team to serve both owners and tenants across the North Shore and Hibiscus Coast.

Our staff receive comprehensive training, have support systems in place, and low turnover because we value each person we work with. This translates into stability for our clients, transparency around our operations, and a willingness to go the extra mile.

Your home will be taken care of by people who are genuinely invested in keeping it spick and span, and your tenants happy.

When you partner with Vertigro Property Management, you’ll meet:




Property Manager


Property Manager


Business Development Manager

Let’s start a conversation

It can be challenging to stay current with real estate market trends, regardless of how long you’ve owned your property. Our property management company stays up-to-date with the latest industry developments, ensuring you’re making the most of your investment and keeping pace with the times.

Whether you’re a new property owner, still searching for an investment property, planning to renovate to increase rental income, or looking for better property management services, give us a call! We make the process of switching to or setting up with our property management services super easy.

At Vertigro, we believe in providing expert advice, and our friendly team is always up for a chat, no matter where you are in the process. So, don’t hesitate to contact us for valuable guidance and support.

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